Running print server in an Intranet

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I have a local intranet that has several submasks and I have been running web servers without a problem due to the default gateway being fixed, however I was planing to install a print server and run this along the print server. Would I need to change my Ip address so that I can capture the default printer. I use a multi system that comprises both windows and Linux and the printer in supported in a Linux platform

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Running print server in an Intranet

There will be no change in the IP address in individual PC. Follow the below steps to accomplish this.
1. Connect the print server in your local network and then connect the printer to this printing server.
2. The printer IP address should be in the same sub-network as the print server. See the print server and printer manual to see the default IP address and how to change the IP address.
3. Now connect a PC to the printing server using a LAN cable. Change the PC IP address to the same subnet of the printing server.
4. Configure the printing server and share the printer on the network. You can specify if this printer will be shared throughout the internet or just within the local network. Choose as per your requirement.
5. Come to the any PCs from which you will send print. In that PC go to control panel and then printer. Click on add a printer. Choose to add a network printer. Provide the IP address of the network printer you have sent in step-2. After searching it will show the printer and will also install the required drivers in your PC.
6. Now you are ready to print from the PC using your network printer. Add the printer in every PC and use it from any PC in your local network.

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