Running an OS on VMware and installation of drivers

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I heard about vmware a few times now. It can help to run an OS through another OS. I want to run windows xp as it is essential for work and I know that xp is the most modifiable software in terms of security. If I use Vmware, will I be required to install drivers for windows to work properly?

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Running an OS on VMware and installation of drivers


You can install a second operating system with the help of VMware but that is, if your hardware has the capacity to handle 2 operating systems. You cannot install and use VMware on a computer that has minimal to average specifications that has a memory capable of supporting only 1 operating system.

If you install VMware, you just need to make sure that your system is compatible with the version you are installing. You don’t need to install additional drivers for your operating system to work properly. When you install Windows XP as your second operating system using VMware, Windows XP will become the guest operating system.

The original operating system that runs your computer where VMware is installed is the host operating system. You can install as many guest operating systems as you want as long as your hardware specifications can handle and manage the load. It is not a software thing when you run a virtual machine on your computer.

The efficiency of your virtual machine depends on your hardware.

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