Return data type of aggregate function

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Good day,

I am working on converting windows applications, so it can be used with SQL server and Informix database. In a SQL server, the return data type of the SUM () function is the same as the data type of the column begin summed. So, if I sum integer field I get integer data type. It appears in Informix, that no matter what I SUM (), I get a float data type.

I have two questions:

1-Is there a setting that could change this?

2-What other aggregate functions does this apply to?


Thank you in advance for your help.


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Return data type of aggregate function


Yes there are other settings as well.

You may try these too.

1. This link gives the details of settings that may help you.

2. You can manually change the settings as well Check this link

The above mentioned link will help you if you want to change them manually and you can apply the stuff mentioned above.

This will surely help you.

So far as the second question is concerned, well there is a function called NULL function, it indicates it is in SQL and it's like a special marker and represents the missing information.

It was created by the relational database team.

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