Replacing outdated LANrev server on Tiger

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I am using LANrev Server version 5.2.5 on Tiger, running on G5 Xserve.  I want to use a new system running on Leopard server since I am running out of disk space, so I have to move to LANrev.  I will set it up with the same DNS and IP address.  I can’t run both servers simultaneously so I have to back up LANrev and turn off the old system then copy it on the new one.  Is there an easy way to do this?

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Replacing outdated LANrev server on Tiger


Hello Johann_jimenez,

Since you cannot run the two servers simultaneously, that is the LAN rev server and the leopard server, I suggest that you back up the contents of the leopard server, and then replace it with the new LAN rev server and start using it for backup from now onwards.

The reason why I am saying you do a backup of the leopard server is just to be sure that if any problem occurs during the replacement or the process of switching to LAN rev server that results in the loss information, you can always have a copy to retrieve the data from.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu


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