People can’t log on to our server – please help!

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I was hoping somebody could assist me about my problem.  I use Windows Server 2003 in operating terminal services on the domain.  I frequently encounter incidents where users have troubles logging on to the server.  I really could not establish the cause of the problem. 

For instance, three users tried to log on to the server with an interval of two minutes, the first two users were able to log in but the last one encountered an error.  There are also times when the user who tried to log on first experienced an error.  This logging in problem is being encountered by different persons. For all users to be able to log in, I always have to restart the server.

Can someone give me a few advices on how I can solve this problem?

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People can’t log on to our server – please help!


That seems to be a problem with the server, and especially its speeds. You will need to do the following as a workaround to your situation:

  • Check your server if there are many files on it. In case that is the case, you will need to backup some files to create some more space on the server so as to speed up the server's speed.
  • Check also the configurations on the server, in case you have set some settings to be manually refreshed then you need to change them to automatic configuration.
  • You also need to check the speed of the internet connection, if it is too slow then it may be affecting the speed at which the users connect to the server.

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