Help me about WinSCP 5.7.2 software and its benefits

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Is it translated into several languages? Is there drag and drop option? Can this support SFTP and SCP protocols over SSH-1 and SSH-2? Can I integrate text editor with this? Can I store session information by using this? Is it open source software? Can I integrate Macromedia DW by using WinSCP 5.7.2? Where it is different from File Zila? Is it only windows based software? Has it Explorer and Commander Interfaces? Is it supported for SSH password and how doing it? Thank You

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Help me about WinSCP 5.7.2 software and its benefits



              The winscp 5.7.2 has been released. This is Versatile sftp, FTP client that integrates putty portable.

              The is easy from any format and it is easy from any portable and integration with and open source and completely free.

              It is putty portable integration, all common operations, integrated text editor, support, ssh password, support sftp and scp protocols and plain old FTP protocol.

              The installer automatically detects installation when drive plugged in. The format works automatically with platform, including menu and backup utility.

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