Render errors occurred while working with ASGvis

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Hello tech experts,

When I am working with ASGvis, I encounter a problem while I try to render. The error says me to check the error log for more details. But I don’t understand the log information. I am not expert in handling errors. I have attached the error image please do check it. Please guide me. Thanks in advance.

We have encountered error(s) while trying to render.

Please check the error log for more details.

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Render errors occurred while working with ASGvis


The problem here is in the material pack included in the Sketchup Vray package. If you are seeing this error then you are probably using an old set of materials included in your package. In the present version of Vray for Sketchup, they change the manner materials are defined and that’s why several of the old materials will no longer work.

You can get materials from the official website, Vray for Sketchup. To fix the problem when you render, try doing this. If the file is still open, save it, exit Sketchup, and start it again. In the Vray material editor, purge or remove any unused materials. After that, render it again. This should fix the problem.

And also, when downloading the materials from the website, you need to register first to gain access.

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