Overheating issue on GTX 760 while gaming

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My GTX 760's temperatures are getting very high when I'm gaming despite the three case fans installed and running. It usually ranges from 70-80 degrees. A few times, it reached high 90's as well. I tried to manage some of the cables so I rewired everything to make some space between the fans and the video card. Nothing changed. Any suggestions?

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Overheating issue on GTX 760 while gaming


High temperatures on a graphics card mean that the graphic processor of the video card is working. On what, depends on what you are using. There are a couple of solutions to your problem, but the first one i believe that might work is:

1. There is a small gap between the graphics processor and the heatsink. The GTX 760 uses an active cooling method, meaning that on the heatsink there a fan mounted on it. The problem that i was stating earlier is that if the heatsink is not screwed right on the surface of the processor, there will not be a good thermic conduction between the two. Take a look at the heatsink and make sure there is no gap between it and the videocard.

2. If under 100% load, the temperature ranges between 70-80 degrees Celsius, then i assure you that there is nothing to be worried about. If while idle, the temperature ranges between 30-45 degrees Celsius, and under 100% load it doesn't go above 95 degrees, then, as i mentioned before, it is normal for a video card like your model to reach those temperatures. For the GTX 760, the maximum temperature under load is 97 degrees Celsius. 

3. The ambient temperature affects the ventilation system. Make sure that the fans are blowing the hot hair outside the PC case, and not sucking cold air in. If it's warm/hot in the room, then it is normal for you components to heat up a little more than nominal values.


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