Removable Hard Disk Drive for Alternative Choice

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Hello Guys!

I have been given a task by my boss to solve this problem.

All the computers, both desktop and laptop are automatically backed up to the server when they're connected to the network. And every night, the server is being tasked  to tape backups. The problems are the laptops assigned for Finance Head and HR Head. Their laptops contained very sensitive files that need special treatment. And if it's possible, backup to another hard drive and not to the server.

I need an encrypted Removable Hard Disk Drive or other similar devices like that, if possible. Not too complicated for use since both Finance & HR Head are not very technical persons, and don't have computer backgrounds. And another thing is, when they use the device, it should not make their laptops performance slow down. And if it's possible, the backup schedule is not going to create a problem for them.

I'm also open to suggestions other than using Removable Hard disk Drive. Perhaps there are some backup software or maybe some additional encrypted software that will work as well. Currently, the server is using Symantec Backup for data backup for all computers.

I'm thinking of mirroring the laptop's hard drive but I think it will slow down the performance, so I'm once again stuck. Please help me.



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Removable Hard Disk Drive for Alternative Choice


Hello James,

I have read your question and you will be pleased to know that I have recently discovered such a storage that can easily or hopefully solve your problem.

Storage Crypt is such a kind of software. It is not so complicated to use and also it is not mandatory to have IT knowledge or knowledge of technology in using this method. So, your Finance and HR Head can easily operate this. 1000 GB of storage can be easily encrypted in a few seconds with its help. And, this would not slow down your computer.

This is also very portable to use and if you encrypt once, this will not work in other computers.

The link for this is- Download

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Removable Hard Disk Drive for Alternative Choice


Thanks Andrew,

Well it was a good idea to save confidential information in a software which provides features like encryption.

Each aspects have good and bad effects. Here above, he already said about the good sides. When the password for the encrypted file is lost there will be no way to recover the password or the files.

Anyway that was really helpful information. And the software Storage Crypt is really awesome!

There is no problem with it.

Thanks to

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