Regarding using Is Empty (Database)

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More and more lately, I find myself using = "" instead of IsEmpty. For example, instead of writing
IsEmpty ( Acct::FirstName )
I write
Acct::FirstName = ""
because it's easier and faster to do that. Is there really a difference I should be concerned about?

Adam Gilcrist.

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Regarding using Is Empty (Database)


The IsEmpty(field) – Returns true(a value of 1) if the field specified is found to be empty. Otherwise it returns false(a value of 0) when an error occurs or the file is found to be missing or empty. It may evaluate a numeric expression, a name or a text expression. The expression Table::Field = “” – returns 1 for an empty related record. They can both perform the same action but differ mainly in usage where the IsEmpty() can be used to evaluate a field and return a custom value e.g

If(IEmpty(FirstName);”Not found”;””)

Will return Not found if the field FirstName is found to be blank and return nothing if there is an entry.

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