FileMaker Pro, an error message appears

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Hi there, when I try to save the schema / database under FileMaker Pro, an error message appears. The message says that an error of Table Locked occurs and please finds the screenshot for your reference.

Could any expert explain why this happens and how can I fix the error? And could I create a different table after this? Thanks in advance.

Operation cannot be performed

FileMaker Pro

This Operation cannot be performed at this time because “Jeremiah Hammod (Admin)” is currently modifying the database definition. Please try again later.

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FileMaker Pro, an error message appears


Hi there Matthew L Peters,

The error you're getting is caused by multiple users trying to access the database at the same time. As it is not possible to work on the same databases from a different users simultaneously, you are getting the error saying that you can read, but you cannot write in your database.

The solution would be to simply wait till the other user is done with editing the database. In case you are sure you are the only user working on the database, one simple system restart will solve your problem.

Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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