Date problems (blank dates and comparing dates) on Filemaker Pro

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Hi guys.

Here are some date problems I have using Filemaker Pro.

1. I'm seeing an issue where it appears to leave out vacant records with a date field. If I use "=", I receive the error message, saying that is not a valid date format. What are the appropriate steps to leave out an empty date field?

2. I am trying to make a comparison on dates using another date field in order to purify records.  I am practicing with a date variable > $$This Month and compared it against the date field "This Records Date".  I found the same error message for an invalid date format. I need to know the appropriate way of comparing a date field with a date variable in a find dialog.

Error :


FileMaker Pro
The value of this field must be valid date in
the range of years 1 to 4000 and should look
like "25/12/2003"

Please help. Thanks.

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Date problems (blank dates and comparing dates) on Filemaker Pro


There is a new version of the software and you must switch to it because it has the required update that you are looking for. It has dealt with the date problem now.

The dates in the database attributes that are generated automatically using auto values or any kind of functions or triggers cause thins problem.

Because there might be the difference in the format of the date that you are using in the query and the one that is being entered n the fields and also the date of the system. For instance you are trying to use the data format


But instead of this it is entering it like


This is a logical error and must be handled during the programming. You must use the system date format everywhere in the software in order to tackle down the problem.

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