Recovering files from a SSD.

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What is the difference between recovering files from a USB and a SSD?

Is the method of file recovery the same since both these storage devices use Flash Memory?

Is it better to store files on USBs or SSDs in terms of speed, reliability, safety, and recoverability?


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Recovering files from a SSD.


Hi Joey,

USB flash drives and solid state drives (ssd) use similar technologies i.e NAND flash memory.

USB flash drives are however slower with a read- write speed of 10-25 MB per second while SSD are very fast with a speed of about 200-600 MB per second.

In terms of speed, I would recommend you store your files on an SSD, as opposed to a USB. The speed difference is brought about by one major factor- Parallelism. SSDs use a lot of flash devices and access them heavily in parallel, pipelining and interleaving them.

The quality of the USB in can also affect its speed and reliability.

Well, I hope this information does help you 🙂

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