How to solve 103 code for Dlink router?

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I think my D-link router is having some problem in searching for internet connection and showing Error code 103. I re plugged the router but the problem persisted as previous. Please give me some tips to solve the problem.


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How to solve 103 code for Dlink router?


Calvin Hoffman,


Actually the error code 103 in the D Link routers is very common, and it basically signifies that the router cannot find the internet connection.

The most common reason is that the router is NOT configured properly, according to your internet connection.

What you can do is that you can type https instead of http in the urls e. g.

instead of

this workaround simply Confirm that the internet connection is working.

Also check your firewall, whether it is NOT blocking the internet connection.

Now what you need to do is to permanently solve the issue is that you should Re-Configure your Router, by using the manual provided with the router and if you do not have a copy, then simply do a Google search for the manual.


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How to solve 103 code for Dlink router?


First, it is suggested that you use the setup CD that comes with the device package in which you can setup the router via the webGUI.

Check also if you are using ADSL, Cable, or NBN. This error generally means that the uplink is not detected or not available. Try to check the WAN/Internet connection of your router and make sure the cable are connected securely. It is also possible that this error is displayed if you are using ADSL and the telephone cord is plugged into the Internet/WAN port of the device.

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