Questions on customize Windows Security Scripts running on NT.

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Our company is trying to run a security script on individual user accounts on Windows NT.

However, we are having difficulty in creating a systematic individual variables for the user logins.

Could you walk me through with the processes of creating a windows security script?

And how could we deactivate the batch files in order for this customize script to run smoothly on individual user accounts?

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Questions on customize Windows Security Scripts running on NT.


To create a windows security script, you will need to use the Get-Credential cmdlet command so as to create the PScredential object, which is meant to ensure that the password you passwords that you are using stay protected in the memory, as opposed to the cmdlets command that will accept a straight username or password combination and therefore making it insecure.

When the parameter accepts a PSCredential object, then the windows powershell will offer support some types of inputs some being the following:

  • Empty, and that will be in the case where you are supplying no input to a mandatory–credential parameter. In that case your Windows PowerShell will ask  you to provide the user name and password.
  • String,in case you supply a string to the –credential parameter. In that case, the Windows PowerShell will that as the user name and only ask you for the password.
  • Credential, in the case where you supply a credential object to the–credential parameter, and in that case, the Windows PowerShell will just accept is as it is.

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