Windows NT

Windows NT

I happen to have this error which I have pasted below. It says that: “C:LOOKboza.exe C:LOOKboza.exe is not valid Windows NT application.”. Can somebody tell me what is this error message? Is this a virus or some kind of a malware program that I need to remove?


C:LOOKboza.exe is not valid Windows NT application.

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Hi. I am using ping tool to monitor internet activity and status update. But as window starts then ping program system tray runs automatically and it slows PC for some time. How to turn off it  and system tray is full of so many icons.

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Hello guys,
I rebooted my computer and suddenly I've lost my data files on the hard disk. All files including my important documents have been deleted, and when I open my file folders, it is already empty.
I really need your help regarding on how can I recover data for NTFS DOS?  

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How can I reinstall system 32 files ?

When I open the computer  shows the below message

Windows could not start  because the following file is missing

Are corrupt:

Windows root > system 32ntoskrnl.exe

Please reinstall a copy of the above file

How can I solve this problem?


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My name is Sara Carter.  I am having problems with my computer. Every time I tried to copy my files into our server it failed and it says file specified error. Does this error is related to the NTFS forward and backward compatibility. We just upgrade from Windows NT to Windows Vista.

Please help me.
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I am trying to install ‘K-free’ software which is a find and replace software and getting error: “On windows NT version 6.0 or later, this program cannot be installed.” I have tried two different that type of software but those allow me to take pre-made website and replace my Adense id and paypal information.

Now I am using windows Vista Ultimate.

Help me please………..


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An announcement was made that the new Windows Phone 8 will be using Windows NT. Are there any other products that will be using the Windows NT platform?

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I was trying to schedule a backup  job, but it got stuck on: "Mounting the media…" and then it closes.  If I run the DLT tape drive and process manually, it works fine. Can anyone help?

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The file BOOT.INI has been deleted from the root of your NTFS system drive.

What can you do to recover this file?

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Our company is trying to run a security script on individual user accounts on Windows NT.

However, we are having difficulty in creating a systematic individual variables for the user logins.

Could you walk me through with the processes of creating a windows security script?

And how could we deactivate the batch files in order for this customize script to run smoothly on individual user accounts?

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