Difference between Windows 2000 and 2003 Active Directory

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Hi Experts! 

I am making a report for a school project and the topic is all about Active Directory.  

I want to know the difference between Windows 2000 Active Directory and Windows 2003 Active Directory. And also, what are the differences in Group Policies 2000 and Group Policies 2003?

Lastly, what are ADS services in Windows 2003? I hope someone here can help me finish my report.

Thank you in advance.

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Difference between Windows 2000 and 2003 Active Directory


Windows 2000 Active Directory and Windows 2003 Active directory have the same structure but different capabilities. They both rely on multi-master replication, to keep everything up-to-date, where each domain controller holds a read-write copy of the AD database. You can move an object from one location to another by using the drag-and-drop method in Windows 2003, while the Windows 2000 uses the “right-click the object and select Move” method. You can also select multiple objects simultaneously for editing or deletion in Windows 2003.

The Windows 2003 Active directory includes a number of built-in command-line tools that were not available in Windows 2000. There is also new feature like the “Install from Media” option for promoting new domain controllers into a domain. The replication capabilities were also enhanced in Windows 2003. The problems in Windows 2000 like the inconsistent and delayed replication were now solved in Windows 2003.

You can apply 620 group policies in Windows 2000 while in Windows 2003, you can apply nearly 720.

The Active Directory services in Windows 2003 is much easier to deploy than the Active Directory Windows 2000. It has features that increase flexibility during and after deployment. You can enable more applications to use the directory in more scenarios because of its reduced replication demands and easy integration to applications. The top priority in this release is the security.

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Difference between Windows 2000 and 2003 Active Directory



The advantages between the two windows are their compatibilities because the Windows server 2003 is more compatible with Windows NT 4.0 in domain-based networking and easy to deployment support from transition to the Windows NT 4.0 rather that the windows 2000.

The Windows 2003, allows an application to run with faster stability, rather that the Windows 2000 time-consuming and is difficult to use especially when dealing with the Active directory.

The Windows Server 2003 has upgraded features, like the Internet Information Services (IIS). It has an improved version, and the Active Directory is improving to be used because of the ability to deactivate  the schema. The Group Policy in Windows 2003 is improving for handling and administration. The disks management improves to back up shadows or open files rather than what is the windows 2000.

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