OfficeScan agreements for logging in to Active Directory

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Hi, everyone,

I have been wanting to log on to the List of our Active Directory but I wanted to be sure of the requirements first. Would you know the agreements required by OfficeScan? Because I heard that it'd be hard for me to log in with OfficeScan security on.  

Thanks in advance!

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OfficeScan agreements for logging in to Active Directory


First would you please specify what type of software version you are using for this purpose?

  1. You can go to this link and see for yourself what type of precautions you have to take care of while doing this thing.
  2. To sum it up, the agreement requires that the data protection must be the key thing to be carefully managed during this thing and that no data or info should be shared with any third party software.
  3. The cache file support is limited to only specific customers and that you need to get it in the membership you get.
  4. The last thing is that it has all the enhanced features like smart scan and log information etc too.

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