Binding to Active Directory Fails – Authentication Errors

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Recently, I have done two fresh installations of 10.5 over two different 1st generation system Macbooks, plus, I have also done Active Directory binding with 2000 and 2003 platform but it resulted in an error message, i.e, “Invalid Username / Password”. I really don’t know why I’m encountering this issue as being a network administrator I’ve got the right credentials but it is considered as invalid. Moreover, my machine is plainly in coordinated with DNS and domain controllers. I was just wondering if any of you has been through this problem or not? Regardless of this, Ad binding goes smoothly with AD 1.5.6 which rises with 10.4 though, AD 1.6 plug-in resulted as corrupt.


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The following error occurred during the attempt to contact the

Domain Controller RPC-2008R2-B:

Access is denied.

Domain Controller RPC-2008R2-B:  Access is denied.
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Binding to Active Directory Fails – Authentication Errors


I believe the workaround for this problem would be to pre-install the helper & names files onto the source volume before imaging.

The basic process would be what is (supposed to be) done by the post install script. If you mount the Net-Install image you've created, and look at /Volumes/NetInstall/var/tmp/niu/postinstall/, you'll get the gist of it. All of the necessary files are located on the NetInstall image.

The problem is that you'll probably just run into the other issue which piper space posted about, which is the race condition that is keeping the tool from executing properly anyway. None of the custom workflow settings seem to work. We've been dealing with this for months. It's a shame that it doesn't do what's advertised (or what it used to do fine in 10.5). Even more frustrating that it's taking months to fix this issue.

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