Set up an environment with Active Directory

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Good day to everyone! We are currently using Active Directory in our project and I’m learning it for the first time. In the previous project we search for persons using LDAP. If the person has a specific value for an attribute then he is capable of performing specific actions within the application. This above was quite easy, but now I have to setup an environment with Active Directory myself which I’m not quite familiar with. My goal is to make computer users log-in to Windows with their accounts which is considered as Windows user and group management, isn’t it? Also, can I assign attributes to those users too? Thanks to those who can help.

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Set up an environment with Active Directory


Active directory can be easily setup. Its database is composed of objects and attributes. Typically, User account details, network/computer/exchange configuration and network printer configuration are the data that is installed on Active Directory.

Active Directory has 3 partitions, namely: domain, schema and configuration. Domain partitions are where you will see users, groups, contacts, computers, organizational units and other object types. Classes and attributes can be added to Active Directory. That is being held by the schema partition. Services, Partitions and Sites Configuration information are being held at the configuration partition.

Active Directory is widely used, as administrators can automate administrative task like managing their resources (i.e. printers), adding new users and groups and providing permissions for network share. Independent developers used Active Directory to enable their products and applications.

Usage and managing Active Directory (i.e. managing users and groups) information can be found here.

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