Protection error Error: 103 has occurred

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I faced a little bit problem. I tried to play halo the other, just tried it again, and it gave me this weird error:

I've never gotten this error ever before so I have no clued what this means. Because this amazed me, I tried to play some other games to see if they are working, I tried America's Army, CSS, Dads and BF2, all of them worked except for BF2, which gave the same error.

I have no clue what this means and neither I’m a hero with this kind of stuff so please help, not that I need to game that bad but it annoys me a lot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Protection error Error: 103

Error: 103


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Protection error Error: 103 has occurred



Did you made any changes to the firewall settings? Was the firewall off and now it has turned on?

This appears to me as though the files that the application is trying to access is somehow got corrupted with its permission. It is also possible that some other application that you have installed has locked the file access.

In worst case scenario try uninstall the application with no traces left on the machine and reinstall it.


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Protection error Error: 103 has occurred


Because that’s a protection error, it may or may not be related to permissions. Since you are using Windows XP, running the game as administrator is not needed. Try checking the game’s specifications and verify it is compatible with your computer. Before installing any program or game, make sure your computer meets the requirements.

If the game is a download, go back to the site where you downloaded it and check its system requirements. The game has to be compatible with your system before you can run and play it successfully. Also, check the user account you are using. If you are using a standard, non-admin account, try to install the game with an administrator account.

Uninstall the game then log out of your account. Log in back with an administrator account then install the game again. See if this works.

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