Error message popped up saying failed to update system

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Hi there,

This evening when I have opened my PC this message appeared on my desktop. I never ran an update to my system and now I am surprised that I am not able to do this. For my curiosity, why I can’t update my system ? What this error message means ?

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Failed to update system

The error was: org.freedesktop.packagekit.update- system auth_admin_keep_always

Do not show this notification again

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Error message popped up saying failed to update system


First, make sure your user account has administrative privileges. This is required because doing an update to the system means making wide changes to the operating system and it is very important for the user that he or she knows what he or she is doing. This is also important because in case a problem arises after applying the update, the user must be knowledgeable in reversing the changes back to the earlier state.

And also, using an administrator account is necessary to make sure that only one user or only authorized users will be allowed to do the necessary changes and in case something wrong happens, you know the users who are responsible for it. If you verify that you have an administrator account and still you cannot do any update, verify if the operating system running on your computer is authentic or genuine.

Most of the time, or I mean always, when an operating system is a counterfeit the update module of the system is disabled and the user will not be able to do any update to the system. Also, you should check your machine for virus.

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