Program that will create a Hotkey

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Is there a program that helps in creating a hotkey that when you type in the combination keys, a set of line of text that you predefined will appear automatically? For example, you assign [email protected] for the combination key ALT+SHIFT+M, so whenever you use the hotkey, the e-mail address you predefined will appear instantly. This will save me much time so I don’t have to type in the same line of text again and again. It’s like more of a shortcut.  I know AutoHotKey feature but wasn’t able to grasp the tutorial on how to assign a hotkey because I’m not able to follow the directions in the tutorial that use high-sounding words. Reading the tutorial just gave me headache. I just want a simple procedure on how to do this. So please help.

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Program that will create a Hotkey


Hi Andy

You can try this, bookmark the sites you visit often and it will be there in the drop down menu of the address bar. Or add the website to the bookmark toolbar by right clicking on the bookmark toolbar and selecting new bookmark. Just a simple mouse click will take you to the site.

If you are still not satisfied, there is another method that does exactly what you ask. First create a shortcut of your browser. Right click on the shortcut and select properties. In the Target field add the URL of the site at the end. Now assign a hotkey for this shortcut in shortcut key field. It will be ctrl +alt + "any one key you assign".

Now pressing the shortcut key will open a new tab with the site you want!

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