I was writing a program for class using gedit as the text editor, coding in C++, and compiling with g++, but I am getting this error when I run it:

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

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Can you show me how to make use of array and the stored values with it in Visual C++? Can we set our array to 5 storage only? What are the objects or data types that I can use with this? How can I display the values of this array? How to additional messages in this form? Can we change the values of array? The values of array where is it stored? What are the things that I need to remember in creating this program?

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Hi! In object oriented programming in c++, how do we declare a class? Please include the following things in the declaration of class and also mention their definitions at the end. The access specifiers, the constructor, the destructor. Why do we use a class? What are the advantages of classes in programming?

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Hello! I am student of Computer Science and I am trying to write a code for a c++ calendar. I have to submit this assignment on coming Monday so this is very important for me. I am trying to find a formula to write the code for the calendar which can calculate the name of the day on a specific date, help me out with the leap year and display the number of days in a month properly. Looking forward for an accurate formula. Thanks!

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I have a C++ decoder that I have recently acquired, Im have not used it much but I have been trying to compile a programs and it keeps on giving me a syntax error. Could this be the version of the compiler because the original programmer says he had no issues with the commands but my machine seems not to work with this.

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I would just like to know what most of the people think about C++. Since there are a lot of other programming languages these days, people have started using those languages due to different reasons. But why is it that most of the universities still teach C++ to its freshmen students in a computer science degree? And although other programming languages may be easier to use, still a lot of work is still being done in C++. What do you think?

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Comparison between the following binary search trees:

Red Black Trees and Georgy Adelson-Velsky and Landis(AVL) Trees

1) Which tree is more self balancing?

2) Which tree has less time complexity in insertion of data?

3) Which tree has less time complexity in deletion of data?

4) Which tree has less time complexity to search data?


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Hello! I am a student of computer science. I have this question in my mind if we could actually make a queue from a stack and a stack from a queue. Since stack is Last in First Out(LIFO) and Queue is First in First Out(FIFO) so how could we make a queue by using stack which means that stack start behaving like a queue?Similarly how can we make a stack using queue which means queue starts behaving like a stack?

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I am learning c++ and I have been coding in it for 3 months now. I am comfortable with array, 2 dimensional array and dynamic allocation of memory. So I can use pointers comfortably. But yesterday I tried to dynamically allocate an array with more than two dimensions and I could not do it. I followed the simple steps which are used in 2 dimensional array but it didn't work. How can we use pointers to dynamically allocate a 3 dimensional array or more?

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I recently started writing in C++ but I have some Challenges, anytime I type in a code, about 2 runs and Compile, It pops up an error: “source file not found “. I’ve tried to search Google, but the information I got is somehow confusing. I even send the code to my friend that taught me the programming language, but he said there is no error in the syntax.
NB•i use Dev C++ as my compiler. I have also tried Using Codeblocks but the error Still persists
What is “Mingw32” I came Across why troubleshooting?

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