Problems with speeding up internet connection

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Hi Guys,

Please help me find solutions to speed up my internet connection.

As of this time, I am experiencing slowness in my internet connection.

Hope you can help me solve my problem.


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Problems with speeding up internet connection

Slowness of internet connection is due to many factors:
Fiber optic connection
Fiber Break 
When this incident occurs, the whole country will be in slow internet connection. Fiber optic connection is like a branches if one breaks/damage all connections will be transfer to available path and this can causes traffic that's the reason you will be experiencing a slow internet for many days.
Computers had internet connection
Peak Hours 
During peak hours especially 6:00 pm to 12:00 mid almost all computers had internet connection are the line. This is expected to decrease your internet connection but not that slow.
Router Problems in ISP or Brain
Router Problems in ISP or Brain
All subscribers will affected on this. It takes time, all you have to do is to wait until the ISP restores their equipment and normalize.
Comparable to the latest modems
Modem Problem
All old modems are slower speed comparable to the latest modems. If it is old enough, that will be the reason of your slowness 
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Problems with speeding up internet connection


You need to check what service you are using to access your network.

Then you can ask your service provider to get a better package on your network and it will enhance your service and your network speed.

You can choose a package that best suits your requirements. You can see your network speed by pressing the ALT + CTRL + DEL from your keyboard at the same time and go to networking tab here you will be able to see your network speed.

How much packets you are getting over a period of time. You can then ask your service provider for a better speed. If your purpose is only to enhance the speed of your downloading a file from network then you can use different type of software that will help you to speed up your download speed.

Such a program is an internet download manager (IDM) you can download this software to solve your problem.

I am sure that you will be able to solve your problem.

Michal Joran.

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