Problem in pops and clicks with Pro Tools

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Hello Experts! I have Mac PC with Snow Leopard 10.5.8 and I also SpeakerPhone Plug-in into it. But lately, I started having issues with this application as it is making some pops and click. I’m not sure if the issue is because of my outdated AVID Pro Tools 8.01 but I still upgrade it to the latest version in any case that this is the root cause of the error. But after that, whenever I started to run Pro Tools, I am getting an error as stated below.

When this error showed up, it was leaving me no choice but to force-closed the Pro Tools. I installed Pro Tools Prefs & Database Helper hoping that I can fix this but I failed. How can I make Pro Tools work again?

Please help me.

Could not complete your request because Assertion in "/Volumes/Development/vb_devbranch_boondock/AlturaPorts/NewFileLibs/CoreFoundation/MacBuild/../../ Sys/MacOS/Sys_FileUtilsMacOS.cpp", line 569 while creating "Library" while creating "Preferences" while creating "DAE Prefs".


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Problem in pops and clicks with Pro Tools


The error message is pointing to a location on your computer which has the files for that application, and what seems to cause the problem here is that there are some files that are corrupt. The update may have caused that problem, or possibly the updated version is not supported by the version of the Snow Leopard that you are using.

To work around that issue I will recommend that you uninstall the Pro Tools completely, and then search for the latest version of it online and download it and then install it. Performing a clean installation will avoid problems that are caused by upgrading the program.

-Expert techyv.


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