Problem with Operating System Installation without CD Rom

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Hi Techyv Expert,

This is my question, is it require to have a CD or DVD if you going to install Operating Systems? Because i have Windows XP on my USB i plan it to install on the other computer but my problem is i don't have CD or DVD drive.

Any idea?

Hope for your immediate response?


Kevin Johnson


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Problem with Operating System Installation without CD Rom


Hi Kevin,

All Operating Systems are required to have CD Rom or DVD Rom during installation. I also try that one booting on USB but didn't work, that's the reason why i buy external CD/DVD Rom just to install my Operating System. Try to search external DVD/CD Rom on the Internet this is very affordable for now, just spend around 1000 pesos for this and including the burning Rom.

You can still use the USB for your backup, file or drivers on your Motherboard but not Operating Systems. Even if you download Operating Systems program on the internet for as long as you don't have CD/DVD Rom where you boot the Operating System still it will not work. Other option is to install internal CD/DVD Rom, try to ask assistance of your vendor where you buy your CD/DVD Rom, it's  free if they install it in your computer.


Tony Stevenson

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Problem with Operating System Installation without CD Rom



  • Making a Bootable USB-Drive with USB_MultiBoot.cmd 


  • Remove many other Easily-removed Hard disks, like USB Accumulation Hard disks as well as Mental representation Cards 
  • Utilize USB-sticks with High Read/Write Paces regarding about 15 MB/sec 
  • Unpack in your Hard disk inside a simple Route without SPACES. 
  • Release USB_MultiBoot.cmd as well as Display the Format Food selection 
  • Structure the particular USB-Drive with Fats or even NTFS. Note: FAT32 is very SLOW regarding putting in windows experience points 
  • PeToUSB – FAT File formatting – Maximum 2 Organophosphate nerve agent

To File formatting USB-Drive : Allow Disk Format with LBA FAT16X 

Do NOT Pick "Permit File Duplicate" associated with BartPE File DuplicateOptions. 

Body excess extra weight Format Supports Direct Booting along together using Microsoft disk operating system using MULTI_CONTENT 

Putting in Ewindows experience points from USB will take 30 minutes -Buffalo FireStix 2 Organophosphate nerve agent 

  •  H . p . USB Disk Storage Structure Tool V2.0.6 – NTFS Format – make use ofX_CONTENT

NTFS File formatting Facilitates DOS Boot Floppy Images by way ofGRUB4DOS Menu 

Installing Experience from USB will take 16 proceedings – Pirate FlashTraveller 4 Organophosphate nerve agent 

Do NOT utilize the H . p . Tool for USB-Harddisks possessing more than 1 Partition 

Forealert – Hewlett packard Tool Structures complete Disk – 2nd Partition will be Misplaced

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Problem with Operating System Installation without CD Rom


Hi there!

A CD or DVD drive is not actually required, you can install from the USB, though there some slight work to do.

First you need to go to "BIOS setup", to enter BIOS setup, just press f11 (or f2 on some systems.)

You'll see an options page where there's a variety of tabs to choose from, these has different explanations of their own so will only tackle the problem-at-hand, so choose the "BOOT" tab

Note – You cannot use your mouse pointer here, you navigate by using only the keys "Up, down, left and right" and press "enter" to select, "backspace" to return to the previous menu

after youve entered the "BOOT" submenu, you'll see something like these:

Now just change, your "First boot device" as "USB HDD" (Select CD or DVD rom if you plan to install via CD or DVD)

And just Exit and Save from the BIOS by pressing "ESC", then you'll be prompted to save your setup, type "Y" for Yes.

It is important to note that you must have the USB boot device already connected before you save, because doing so, the computer will automatically restart, and If your "First boot device" is not found, the computer will automatically to the "Second boot device" and it will boot from there, If that happens, simply connect your USB device and restart your computer again.

The computer then should load the Windows XP installation file from the USB now, and you can go ahead of your usual installation procedure.

After you've completed your installation, it's better to set your "First boot device" to your HDD(harddisk) again in BIOS. You don't want to enter the windows installation menu again should you forgot to unplug your USB. 😀



Juan dela Cruz

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