Leaving the computer plugged is wrong? Truth on this.

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My mom has joined a green club recently. The goal of their club is to save mother earth.

My problem is she has been unplugging my computer every time not in use.

As most of us know almost all appliance are already “energy star” compliant.

Will all her work payoff (unplugging everything) even if it is energy star compliant.


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Leaving the computer plugged is wrong? Truth on this.


Computer is designed to withstand constant usage, long hours of work with no turning off. But there are numbers of advantages why we need to turn off computer if you are not using it. Let me post all advantages that I enjoy now a days.

Electricity – By turning off the computer, then you are saving electricity. Study shows, even by not unplugging the wires out of the power outlet, computer is still consuming energy. Better remove wires out of power source to save electricity.

Hardware failure – When computer is turned on, a sudden power outage, lightning strike might damage computer hardware inside. It might also the cause of electrical problem and the source of fire.

However, if computer is not shutdown properly then computer might be destroyed and caused to system failure both hardware and software. It also the cause of corrupted software if it's not shutdown properly. 

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