Problem in installing two RAM modules at once

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I just bought a brand new RAM stick yesterday, the same specifications to the one on my computer. I have a 1 GB RAM installed, functioning well. I installed the second stick and booted the computer. Something strange happened the computer turned on but the screen was bank, no picture, no BIOS test, just a green light on the screen which blinked repeatedly. When i took out one of the sticks, the computer functioned normally. I tested the other stick alone, it was working too. I have tried lowering the voltages in the BIOS and changing the clock speed of the RAM. Still the two ram modules can’t work together. My motherboard holds up to 4 GB of memory, so this should not be a problem.

My specs:

  • M2N-E Sli mobo (max 8GB of ram with 4 DIMM slots)
  • 64bit AMD Athlon Black Edition Dual Core CPU (3 GHz overclocked)
  • SATA hard drive xfx 8800 GTS GDDR3 GPU 2 x 2GB OCZ platinum DDR2 Ram modules.
  • ATX-S600 power supply 500W arctic freezer cpu heatsink and fan.

I am wondering if you can offer me a little bit of advice as i have tried everything i know. Any advice is really appreciated.

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Problem in installing two RAM modules at once


Hello, My name is Annies.

Looking at your situation, it seems to me that either the RAM is broken, the slot is broken or the RAM wasn't inserted properly, if you hear a beep when you try to run your PC with this error, this is the likely culprit:

  1. Try to determine if the problematic RAM is causing the problem, exchange the working RAM with the problematic RAM and insert it to the slot of the working RAM, if the PC suddenly doesn't work anymore, that means the RAM might be having problems. You might need to replace it.
  2. Try to determine if the slot is causing the problems, put the RAM that works alone on the slot you put the problematic one before, if it stops working, the slot might be broken itself.
  3. Make sure the RAM's are inserted properly, the clips are firmly attached. Sometimes, you might think it's inserted properly but it's not, so make sure the RAM, both, is inserted firmly.

Hope this helps.

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Problem in installing two RAM modules at once


Woah! That helped  a lot…

Actually i have also faced the same problem, My problem was that its not detecting my 2nd old ram.

I thought that the port was damaged…But the real fact is that  the ram  was damaged.

I haven't used my PC for about 3 weeks due to this problem…. Now all the problems are solved….

Many thanks to Annies… and to techyv experts..


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