What to do when RAM gets used for no reason?

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I have a 4GB DDR3 RAM. I have stashed it with a i3 and a G61 Motherboard if that makes any sense. My RAM is being used for no reason. My PC was running slow and I checked the task manager. It said that 3.24 GB of my physical memory is being used yet no applications are running. What might have caused this issue?

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What to do when RAM gets used for no reason?

Hello, Edith your OS is pretty good. Sometimes we have many applications which are running in the back even we close them. That is the main reason of RAM usage. We have many software to locate which programs are running in the back. 
Some methods are here:
1) Click on the program's icon and choose close or Exit to stop the program from running.
2) Disable then using task manager, Press CTRL ALT DEL and click on task manager then close the unwanted programs shown in the task manager list. 
Note: Task manager is able to close programs that the system tray cannot.
3) Restart your system in Selective Startup,
 Type 'MSCONFIG' in the 'search box' in 'Start Menu' and hit enter
'System Configuration Utility' window open
Click on the 'Selective Startup' box 
Click 'Ok'
Remove 'Load Startup' items 
Apply changes and Close 
Restart your system.
4)  Delete programs you never use
5) Clean up and Defragment your hard disk.
6) Close visual effects and use simple desktop background.

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