My Second RAM is not working successfully

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I am using a 4 GB RAM. This is  little bit slow. For that reason i want to use an another RAM of 2GB.

But when i place the second RAM and switch on my computer, it opens, show the welcome screen and restarts.

Every time i place the second RAM it restarts.

But if i use the first RAM only, it starts fine.

How can i overcome this problem?

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My Second RAM is not working successfully


The problem here why your computer keeps on restarting every time you boot your computer is that you mixed different types of RAM on your CPU. I don’t know if you understand about memory sizes.

What is so slow in a 4GB RAM memory rather than in a 2GB? That is already big if you are into video editing, this is very useful. Your computer will already operate smoothly in that kind of memory capacity.

Don’t use the 4GB RAM in combination with the 2GB memory stick. If they are both a DDR type, it will work. But if one is a DDR type and the other is an SDRAM, it will really not work.

RAM memory stick only works with the same type. Check first the type of each RAM stick you have.

If you want to use the 2GB because you think it’s much faster, then remove the 4GB stick. And vice versa.

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My Second RAM is not working successfully


Hello Rehan,

To help you with this problem first you have to check the motherboard maximum capacity of ram, memory speed and type of ram that depends on the design your motherboard. Refer to motherboard user manual in order for you to be more confident on what will you do before attempting to upgrade you pc hardware.

Check the memory capacity, speed, Cas Latency because it really matters.

Please be specific on what type of ram you used for the 4GB ram and 2GB ram?

Here are the types of ram commonly used.

  1. SDRAM
  2. DDR
  3. RDRAM

In combining memory that are not valid.

  1. DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 are not valid to combine which cause system mismatch in accessing data or non operational in system.
  2. 4GB DDR 800Mhz and  2GB DDR 667Mhz not valid for combining because in the long run when opening more programs and expecting that 800Mhz speed works then it is not that speed but the other speed which is 667Mhz. Your motherboard will have an adjustment of that different speed you have. Not all motherboard have same capability of accepting different speed that is why sometimes you may encounter a BSOD in your screen.

If you have same speed of ram and motherboard that accept maximum capacity of 8GB and the error occur try to isolate first your 2GB memory by removing the 4GB memory

then placing 2GB memory on the other memory slot. Check if 2GB works fine, if not one possible cause the memory in your ram deteriorate or a wear and tear.

Try to remove dust inside your system unit and clean the memory pin by rubbing eraser on it.

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