Please upgrade Tally Server 9

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Hello experts,

Even I made the necessary upgrade for Tally the same error appears. I had this error before I made the upgrade and I still have after upgrade. I have checked and Tally is not in Educational Mode. All my drivers are up to date and I cannot make it run. Does anyone have any idea about this error ? How this can be fixed ?

Thank you !

Tally.Server 9 is in Educational Mode due to incompatible License Server

Please upgrade Tally.Server 9

Do you still want to Continue in Educational Mode ?

Yes or No

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Please upgrade Tally Server 9


If Tally automatically shifted to Educational Mode even if you already upgraded it, it is maybe because it is the leap year. Most of the users who experienced it were all because of the year. It all happened in February 29, 2012 when the year is a leap year. When you start Tally it goes to Educational Mode then the Start screen will ask you for activation or reactivation.

Normally, in one year we have 365 days. In a leap year, it has 366 days. It is the only year when February has 29 days. A leap year happens only once every four years. In your case, since your Tally shifted to Educational Mode, you can fix it by changing your computer’s date to March 1, 2012 and then after that reactivate your Tally license once.

It should fix it and will work properly in License Mode.

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