Planning to buy an e-ink watch (FES Watch)?

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My friend said that the FES watch is made of e-paper not only for its face but also for the entire strap. It also provides a feature for its wearer to change its designs with a simple button press. The advertisement says it has 24 different designs which last for more than two months with a single charge. Is it worth buying it?

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Planning to buy an e-ink watch (FES Watch)?


Hi Ronald!

  Sony FES (Fashion Entertainments) E-paper watch, created as a collaboration with Japanese electronic maker ( currently raising funds on Makuake site ) is expected to hit the market on May 2015.

  It is totally made of electronic paper and you are right it has 24 design combinations, which you can change just with one press on the little button aside. It is also true that it is supposed to last for 60 days with one battery charge. That is because E-ink can save energy, also it can easily be read even when the sun is really bright.

 This SmartWatch main cheme is black and white. I've put a video HERE for you, where you can observe how it changes its surface. In my opinion, this watch will have its buyers, who like and want fun and minimalistic style, yet innovative and practical watch.



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