Possibility to get rid of laptops/computers completely

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There was a discussion about the viability of getting rid of laptops/computers and switching them with iPhones, iPad and the "cloud". What do you think can be done using a computer and can’t be done on an iPad? Do you think it’s a viable idea? Why?

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Possibility to get rid of laptops/computers completely


This is such an interesting question that I'd like to indulge you in.

The question of the iPhone, iPad and "cloud" ultimately replacing the laptop and desktop is actually a simplistic hypothesis on a matter that actually has evolved through the years . In fact, this evolution is going or has went through phases. The first phase being the replacement of the desktop by the lap top. In the present, we can see that we have moved into the second phase which is the replacement of the lap top by the iPhone or similar gadget or platform.


The simple answer is yes, it is a possibility.

The first reason why this is possible is the emergence of the business apps. In the past the iPhone was used primarily for entertainment aside from calling and sending SMS. Before, the dependence on the lap top for business use was much heavier. However, business apps are slowly allowing the iPhone or iPad to be used for this purpose as well. The usage is dramatically increasing.

The second reason is connectivity. With the iPhone it is much easier and less expensive to be connected to the internet. It adds to the case why mobile work is best aided by mobile devices.

A case may be made for the lap top, though, for those who have a lot writing needs as part of their work even when they are mobile.

At the end of the day, it will depend on what your needs are when you travel. What is undeniable in the current mobile evolution is that the business usage of mobile devices is increasing.




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