Need Help Laptop Battery Error

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I have Lenovo Ideapad Y430 Laptop, it is 2 years old. It can't turn on if I only use batteries, so I must plug the charger.

But Windows said that it charged 100%.

When I put the charger, it will turn off suddenly.

Is the battery error?

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Need Help Laptop Battery Error

Let's determine if what is really the problem.
Let's start from the top:
1. Power supply goes bad; stops charging battery. New power supply ordered
2. Battery goes to empty, will not start laptop.
3. New power supply delivered. When plugged into laptop, laptop will not start, charge light on the laptop does not come on. Power supply is good and delivers correct power, as tested with the multi – tester.
4. Current state:  Laptop will not power up with a power supply plugged into it, with or without the battery removed. Laptop battery will not charge.
5. Laptop not under warranty.
I am trying to determine if a bad battery would cause the Y430 to not power up at all, even with the power supply attached, or if I have a problem with either the power port or motherboard. 
I am also trying to determine if the Y430 can be started with the power supply plugged into it, and the battery removed. If the answer to that question is YES, then I know my problem is either the power port or motherboard and has nothing to do with the battery.
Thanks in advance.

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