The path is not valid in hg executable

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I used the Mercurial software for my project. But I am having problem with the hg executable.

I am certain that I installed the mercurial correctly on my Mac OS X Snow Leopard PC.

The path for the hg executable is in “/usr/local/bin/hg” according to the error message, but the path seems to be not valid.

How can I correct this issue? 

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"/usr/local/bin/hg" doesn't appear to be a valid hg executable


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The path is not valid in hg executable


Hi drew,

Can you try to search and find the hg executable file using your browser option? You need to make sure that the given hg executable file is named hg and that its version command should quit without errors. It should also return to a non empty output. You may need to check if you have followed the steps here when you installed mercurial

You also must make sure that the environment variables are set up to be seen by the shell and pycharm. They must be define and set on the environment.plist file. Details can be found here


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