Partition Corrupted after Win XP crashed

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Two years ago, I upgraded my OS from Windows ME to Windows XP. And just recently, my Windows XP computer crashed. I tried running the XP upgrade disk with no luck. I decided to install my old Windows ME again hoping that it could fix the issue.

I performed a clean installation and wipe everything on my hard drive but an error appears afterwards. The error is: "Drive 0 is in a corrupt state due to a previous incomplete restore operation.

The partition table of this drive must be erased in order for the image client to initialize properly". Please help me find solutions regarding my problem. Any help will do. Thank you.

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Partition Corrupted after Win XP crashed


It is obvious that you are not doing the right thing every time a new operating system is being installed. I think when you said that you performed a clean installation, what you did is that the previous operating system is still present on the hard disk when you performed the new installation for Windows Millennium.

You did not format your hard drive before installing the new operating system. If this is what you’ll be always doing every time you are going to install a new operating system, you are just putting your hard drive in a bad shape.

The only simple solution that can fix your problem is to delete the entire partition of the hard drive, create a new partition, format the newly-created partition, and then install the new operating system whether if it is Windows Millennium or Windows XP.

Always remember, every time you install a new operating system, format the hard drive normally and avoid doing a quick format before installing the operating system.

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Partition Corrupted after Win XP crashed


Hello Tyler Stevens,

I will suggest that you do a clean installation of windows XP. You will just need to find the windows XP CD and insert it into the DVD drive and then restart the computer.

When the computer is in the boot process it will ask you whether you want to boot from the CD, you should comply with that.

The installation process will start, and the important part that I want you to follow is when the installer reaches a place where it asks you to choose the partition that you will install the operating system.

Choose the partition that currently has the operating system, but then you will have to format if completely using the installer, and then continue with the installation process till it finishes.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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Partition Corrupted after Win XP crashed


I guess you will be needing FDisk to fix this issue. Go to the link below:

Fdisk Simulation

This is to rebuild the partition table on your computer system. And go to and then download the WinME bootdisk file. Then extract it to a new disk to be able to rebuild the partition and then start formatting the drive.

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