Norton Antivirus Internal Program Error

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Hello! All,

I have an Antivirus issue. My installed Antivirus is Norton Antivirus 2004 and recently I have been getting an error popup message every time I clicked on “Auto Protect”, telling me the following:

Norton AntiVirus has encountered an internal program error
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The number of the error is (4002.517), these errors affect every game and program I use without clicking on anything and it appears automatically. I tried to solve this problem by turning the Creative media source off, the message disappeared ,but after a while it returns back. I also uninstalled the AVG and installed it back, but nothing happened, the error comes back.

If there is someone who solved this issue before, can tell me what I can do. Help Please?


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Norton Antivirus Internal Program Error


First of all you need to see that there is no virus infecting your computer as some virus programs are so powerful that they can even infect your antivirus programs so make sure that you have no virus in your computer. You can check it by doing these steps.

  • First go to START and then to RUN here type cmd and press enter.
  • In new window type chkdsk and press enter.
  • If will check your disk and make it error free.

The second thing to do is to see for any virus your self. Press ALT +  CTRL + DEL from your keyboard and then under process tab see for any process which is infecting your computer and taking most of computer resources. Once you located the program trace it and then you will be able to solve it.

Also update you antivirus program on daily basis or on monthly bases so that it work fine and there will be no problem after you have a antivirus program which is up to date. I hope this will help you lot to solve your problem.

Michal joran.

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Norton Antivirus Internal Program Error



It is very easy to fix this problem:

1) Erase just about all instances of Norton as well as Symatac from an add/remove programs and reboot.

2) Get into your registry (start->run->regedit) and search for Norton in addition to erase just about all registry important factors this detects.

3) Subsequently search for Symantec and erase registry important factors which it detects.

4) Reboot.

5) Reinstall Norton, in addition to functioning reside update.

Hope you can sort out your problem.

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Norton Antivirus Internal Program Error


Hi Daft

This problem means maybe your Norton antivirus is corrupted. There is a another Techyv's post which is addressed your problem. Pay a visit that page and get more idea about this issue.

Norton Anti Virus – Windows XP

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