No such partition GRUB rescue

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Hi Everybody

Here is my situation, yesterday when i tried to install Ubuntu v10 on my computer equipped with windows 7 (i wanted dual boot), the installation crushed at the end,so i tried to erase it from the hard drive.

I have opened the partition where Ubuntu was installed using windows 7 and i deleted it ( the ext4 partition) but when i rebooted my computer i got this message at boot:

No such partition

GRUB rescue>

Is there any solution to found access to windows?

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No such partition GRUB rescue


Why this happens?

Grub creates a Master Boot record which is independent from windows and gnu Linux and pretty much any other operative system you wish to install, when you just delete the partition you kill this master boot record and since your computer needs this to load either windows or Gnu Linux its confused trying to search for the partition where there is nothing now.

How to solve it?

You need to restore your master boot record [MBR].

How to do this?

  1. Place your windows 7 installation DVD on the tray
  2. Restart your computer and boot from the DVD
  3. Click on "Repair my computer."

  1. Select  "Command Prompt."

  1. Go to your windows directory
  2. Write in Bootsect /fixboot
  3. Wait for the process to finish, remove the dvd from the tray and restart.

How do you know this?

Its explained on this Microsoft windows knowledgebase article:

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