Batch Processing Converting TIFF to JPG in Linux

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Hi, i want to know if there is some  batch converting tiff to jpg Linux, i am not familiar with this process, i am also new with Linux, so i need some tutorial or just explanation, thanks in advance…

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Batch Processing Converting TIFF to JPG in Linux


Dear Alfred, 

Yes it's possible and it is super easy .You only need to have Photoshop not lower than  Photoshop CS3. 

The process is done using the "script" feature of Photoshop. The script function is called image processor.

If you have Photoshop installed. here's what you need to do.

  1. Open photoshop
  2. Go to File>Scripts>Image Processor
  3. There come a dialog box that has 4 steps to follow
  4. step one select the image to process. Here you have to find the images you want to convert, just select them all by pressing CTRL + A keyboard shortcut(Note they needs to be inside the folder to avoid not selecting the other files)
  5. Step two Select a location to save the processed images
  6. The third step is the most important step for you. Here you need  to click on the radial button that says SAVE AS JPEG(Because you want your TIFF files be saved as JPEG right?)
  7. Ignore the fourth step because this do not apply to this particular problem.
  8. Click The "RUN" button Wait until you are done
  9. Go to the directory to where you saved the files
  10. That's it.

I hope this helps you mate.

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