No signal in my screen please help

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My PC does not recognize my screen suddenly. There is definitely black to start with a message "no signal", as if, he was not connected to the PC graphics card.

At first I thought the screen and then have another test that works and still no recognition. So it's not the screen.

Then I thought the graphics card, but it seems odd to me insofar as it has always worked well and I had no problem. Also, I rarely play, it does not really heat up during a lot.

That leaves what? Wiring? The ports of the graphics card? Anything else?

Thank you.

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No signal in my screen please help


Good day Jason! This is how to Troubleshoot a Gateway PC that has no signal to your monitor this are the few ways to solve your problem:

  1. Verify the computer that it is been turned on by checking the power indicator if it's lit.
  2. Verify the computer that is not in a energy-saving mode, such as the sleep mode. Press any key on your computer or move your mouse to wake your computer from sleep-mode.
  3. Verify that the monitor has been properly attached to the monitor port on your computer.
  4. Check your monitor cable for any fracture or damaged, you can use a flashlight to help you identify any damaged to your computer's cable.

And that's all you need to do or read this information. SOFTWARE if you realized that the cable is good and still getting the no signal on your computer, there could be a problem to your PC. The "video chipset" that controls the output of the VGA cable that composed of a processor and a memory specifically devoted to processing a video.

At this time if you are not familiar with PC repair technique then you should call a professional technician. If the chipset is not working properly then it need to be replaced. An integrated chipset will likely require a kind of motherboard replacement.


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