Which way is better to swipe a touch screen device?

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Our newest technology is made of touch screens which allow us to interrelate with computers or any hand-held devices by touching on the screen. Sometimes there is a delay reaction when we swipe our fingers to the screen. I want to know which way is better to swipe our fingers, is it horizontally or vertically? Please state your answer according to your studies or experiences. Thank you.

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Which way is better to swipe a touch screen device?


Hallo Miles Craig,

When using a touch screen there are situations where you will need to swipe your fingers horizontally and there are those cases when you will need to swipe the fingers vertically, so you cannot say that you are going to restrict yourself to swiping the fingers horizontally or vertically.

For instance you need to access text that is hidden on the right hand side of the touch screen; you will need to swipe your finger to the right so as to bring the text at the center of the screen for you to be able to view it. You will not say that swiping fingers vertically in this case will help.

Therefore both horizontal and vertical have to be applied when you have to swipe text on a hand held device.


Lee Hung


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