Windows 7 EMU Sound Card Problem

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Hello guys.

 I just installed the windows 7 and I’m having this irritating major problem. I got an EMU 1212 PCI sound card (aside from the built-in Realtek).
The problem is it will just work once for a while then after that I start hearing distorted sounds on the output. And now I have to disable the card and use the motherboard sound instead I never had this kind of problem in XP but in Windows 7 it crashes.
I tried reinstalling the latest EMU drivers 3 times, and I've tried the Windows 7 compatibility troubleshooter 3 times without success. 
Operating System: Windows 7
Sound Card: EMU 1212 PCI
Graphics Card: NVidia 8800GTS
Computer Type: Novatech
CPU: Int.Core 2 Duo E6750
Motherboard/Chipset: Nvidia MCP73V
Any help will be gladly appreciated! Thanks.
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Windows 7 EMU Sound Card Problem



Hello Jay Sean!


Nice specs by the way.  Alright, so there are distorted sounds when you play a song or watch a movie?  However, it does not right away, it just after a few minutes of being used?  EMU doesn’t update much but you mentioned that you already tried using the latest drivers so we can cross that out of the list.  Windows 7 compatibility troubleshooter has done nothing about the situation so here are some other solutions you can try.

Follow these simple solutions to help you:

  1. Try restarting the program while your computer is running (not the computer itself). 
  2. Change the sound settings of Windows to a different sample rate, a good start would be 16 bit 44100Hz.  Try playing the movie that currently had problems for you and check if it works properly.  Also try different Media Players if it makes any difference.  Media Player Classic has the least requirements to run, it would be a good software to start with.
  3. Also download the latest codecs that you can find on the net.  This may look unrelated but there are times that EMU is using a codec that is not compatible.  Check the internet for the latest release and install them into your computer.  Restart the computer after doing this.
  4. If the problem persists try different sound settings again.  Try out different sample rates until you find one that works out for you. 
  5. Go ahead and disable other on board audio controllers which can cause a conflict with your EMU hardware.
  6. There is another way to troubleshoot this problem.  Since Windows 7 is still making changes for compatibility with other software, use Windows Vista drivers with your Windows 7 in regards to EMU.  Restart your computer and try it out again.
  7. Also try to use ASIO with your EMU, this has worked for several people using Windows 7.
  8. As of right now, even if you submit a ticket to Windows 7 about your EMU problem, they will simply say that they are not compatible with each other, my best advise if none of these works is to run 2 different OS, one Vista and one Windows 7 and use either depending on what you want to do.  It’s not much of a hassle and it solves a lot of compatibility issues with not only EMU but other programs Windows 7 is not yet compatible with.

I know in the future Windows 7 will eventually work on this compatibility issue with EMU but in the mean time I hope these solutions have helped somehow.  Good luck and update us with the results of this issue! Happy watching!


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Windows 7 EMU Sound Card Problem

Hi, Bad news, your audio controller is not supported by Microsoft Windows 7.
If you search on Internet, many guys have encountered this issue with this audio device.
* Solution 1)
One trick you can provide is the Windows Vista 64 bit driver. Please, check even the following page:
* Solution 2)
Creative Labs experts have written a beta Windows 7 driver. I want to advise you the Beta version is not tested for stability; indeed it’s not out of scope that you can have any other problem.  Put a chance on it, it’s clever that many people have asked to Creative Labs to write a driver to bring up the audio device with Windows 7 and they are waiting with expectations.

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