No Ethernet Light on the Modem when Connected to my Mac

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I have 2 computers at home, a Windows Vista and a Mac Leopard. I just have a single-user modem that I got from my Internet Service Provider, so it only allows me to connect one of my computers at a time. When I connect my Windows Vista to the modem, the Ethernet light turns on and I can connect to the Internet with no problems at all but when I connect my Mac Leopard, the Ethernet light won't turn on at all.

Thank you in advance!

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No Ethernet Light on the Modem when Connected to my Mac


Windows Vista computer is working but when you switch device and connects your Mac Leopard, then Internet is not working is caused by 3 possible problem.

Modem's back-up battery – Some ISP provide modem that has back-up battery. Whenever a new device connects to the modem or switching CPE, the modem has to be reset in their end. This refresh the modem's memory and will then detect the new equipment attached to it. Removing the back-up battery will also refresh the modem and allows you to connect a new computer.

Solution: Call the Internet Service Provider for modem reset.

Mac's Rj45 connector – When Cat5 cord connects to the Mac's rj45 connector, light won't turn on means that the Mac's rj45 connector is busted. This is a hardware issue and the proper way to address this issue is to replace the Network Interface Card.

Solution: Replacement of NIC and try different Cat5 cord.

Ethernet card – Check the Ethernet cable and the settings has to be set to automatic and using DHCP. Built-in Ethernet adapter has to be selected.

Solution: Click Apple icon, System preferences, Network then Built-in Adapter has to be selected.

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