Networking in linux using wires

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How to connect two computers in Linux using wires and modems and sharing files and folders in Linux using wires

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Networking in linux using wires


Hi Anonymous here is the solution.

You can use an application program called LinuxConf to configure or reconfigure the NIC of each computer in the LAN. You can launch the LinuxConf utility by typing linuxconf at the command prompt of any terminal window in the KDE or GNOME desktop environment. Another way to start the LinuxConf utility is to click the Main menu button, select System, then LinuxConf. When the LinuxConf application is displayed,

Follow the steps below to configure the Ethernet card:

1. From the LinuxConf tree structure, select Config, Networking, Client Tasks, and Basic Host Information.

2. Type the fully qualified hostname that you assigned to this computer on the Host name tab.

3. Next, click the Adaptor 1 tab, which displays your Ethernet card settings.

4. Verify that the Enabled button is selected to ensure that the Ethernet card will be accessible.

5. Choose the Manual option if you will not be using a DHCP or BootP server on your LAN and continue to step 6. Otherwise, if you will be using a DHCP or BootP server, choose either DHCP or BootP accordingly and continue to step 12.

6. Enter this computer's hostname followed by a period and the domain name of the LAN for the Primary name + domain option.

7. Enter the computer's hostname in addition to any aliases separated by a blank space under the Aliases option.

8. Enter the IP address assigned to this computer next to IP Address (such as

9. Type in for the Netmask.

10. For net device, type eth0, which represents the first Ethernet card located inside the computer.

11. The driver or Kernel Module option for the Ethernet card should automatically be filled in upon exiting LinuxConf.

12. Click the Accept button to activate all changes.

13. Repeat steps 1-12 for each computer in the LAN, verifying that you've entered the correct hostname and the corresponding IP address.

If it still doesn't work then check the solution from this link


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