Disadvantages of using Wireless and Wired Connections

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How are you? Now all network is going to be wireless that have a lot of reason.

Wire connection is decreasing. Everything has a lot of advantages & disadvantages. I know some benefits of both connection.

I think both connections, are necessary so now inform me, some disadvantages of wireless and wire connection.


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Disadvantages of using Wireless and Wired Connections



  • It is easier to install a wired connection compared to a wireless connection. For wired you just plug in a cable and access the internet. For a wireless connection, you need go configure the router and each device needing to connect needs to search the network for a connection.


  • Both connections are reliable as long as you don’t get far away from the router in case of wireless connections. For wired connections you don’t have the option to move away from the stipulated length of the cable. These days due to the advancement in technology routers are keeping up with the speed of their counterparts.


  • It is needless to say and obvious that wireless networks are far more convenient as compare to wired broadband. Once you install on the laptop/computer, you can access the network in the surrounding area of the router. For wired connections you can only go as far as the cable goes and the hassle of running the cable through your surroundings.


  • Wired networks are far more secured since you have to access physical modem. On the contrary, a wireless network is open and anyone can find your network on their laptops/computers. This opens up a large possibility for identity theft, credit card fraud, and so on. It is vital to install strong security when using wireless network. WPA networks which is a relatively newer technology is quite secured than the older WEP wireless connections.
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Disadvantages of using Wireless and Wired Connections


Hi I'm fine, how are you?

Yes they both have advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the disadvantages:

Wired Network:

  • The most obvious one is of course, it's more inconvenient so set up. You might need to drill a hole in your wall, make sure the cable don't get your way, etc.
  • It's not flexible, especially if you're using a laptop. You need to plug in the network cable every time you want to connect, and using it outdoors is not recommended.
  • It's generally more expensive to set up.

Wireless Network:

  • Now, with the wireless network, you won't have to experience above problems. However, there's a concern about security. With Wireless network, everyone who has access to the WiFi signal can get into your computer. You can use an encrypted network, but there is no assurance that it is 100% safe. Always use a firewall when using a wireless network!
  • Slower speed. Because data are currently running faster through copper wire than through electromagnetic waves.

I hope that answers your question.

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