How to share my screen with other computers in network

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How to share my screen with other computers in network, so that even they can control my cursor. I am running Windows 7 ultimate and other computers will also be the same. 

Windows which can allow a Remote Desktop Connection. It's working from the task manager>users>right click>remote access…!! But I can't get the user desktop.

Suggest some ideas to do that.

Thank you.

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How to share my screen with other computers in network


Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)

Remote desktop connection is not just sharing your windows, its all about sharing the whole thing inside your computer. If your purpose is to share your desktop for presentation or to guide your client over the network, this is not the good option. Likewise this tool is powerful for administering remote computers anywhere you are, as long as you have the internet connection with static IP address.

How to use the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)

First you need to configure first your computer so that Remote Desktop Connection will work on your computer. There are two things to consider, first the client and the server. The client is the one who connect to the remote computer and the server is the one who is listening for Remote Desktop Connection. Microsoft Windows 7 Home Edition doesn’t have the Remote Desktop Connection service feature but you can connect to the Remote Desktop Connection enabled computer or machine.

Here’s how to enable RDC in your computer:

  1. Click Start the click Control Panel on the Start Menu.
  2. Double Click the System icon on the Control Panel window.
  3. System Properties pops-up. Click the Remote Tab.
  4. On the Remote Desktop Frame, check/tick the option Allow users to connect remotely to this computer.
  5. Click Select Remote Users… button, Remote Desktop Users dialog box appear.
  6. Click the Add button; Select Users dialog box pops-up.
  7. Click Advance button and then click Find Now.
  8. Select User on the list you want to have access in your Remote Desktop.
  9. After Selecting Click Ok.
  10. Click Ok for Select Users dialog box.
  11. Click Ok for Remote Desktop Users dialog box.
  12. Finally Click Ok for System Properties dialog box.

You may test if the connection works based on what you did on the Remote Desktop Server. Open you’re the Remote Desktop Connection on the other computer.

  1. Click Start/Programs/Accessories
  2. Click Remote Desktop Connections
  3. Remote Desktop Connection dialog box pops-up.
  4. On the Computer key in the IP address or the computer name of the Remote Desktop Server the computer that Remote Desktop is enabled.
  5. Then click connect.
  6. Log-on Screen appeared under Remote Desktop Connection shell.
  7. Key-in the user name you have allowed on your remote desktop settings as well as the password. Note: any user that is not included in your allowed user settings will not be accepted even if you know the user name and password.
  8. After connecting, you have the full control on the other computer. Take Note: the remote computer locks itself; you see nothing but just the locked screen message.

For your presentation needs

If you want to control a client computer with similarity to Remote Desktop Connection, I recommend using the TeamViewer.

TeamViewer is a free application with capabilities like Remote Desktop but unlike the Remote Desktop, TeamViewer can control everything on the remote computer including mouse and keyboard, just like you are in the from of the remote computer at the same time, what you are doing is visible on the remote computer which is the best for assisting/guiding the operator on the remote side.

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How to share my screen with other computers in network


Dear Shakthivel,

You can share your screen with other computer in network by using Team Viewer 8 Software. In Team Viewer place your partner ID/ IP and click to connect to partner. In this way you can use your partner cursor too.

Thank You.

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