Cisco Networking Terminologies Regarding Protocol

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If I have a company and I'm implementing dial-up services to enable remote office employees to connect to the local network. The company uses several Layer 3 protocols on the network. Authentication of the users connecting to the network is required for security. Additionally, some employees will be dialing long distance and will need call back support.

Which protocol is the best choice for these remote access services?
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Cisco Networking Terminologies Regarding Protocol



There are seven layers of OSI model, also for networking. Layer 1 is for physical connection, layer 2 is for Data link, and layer 3 is for Network.
Layer 3 provides routing, switching technology into known paths. This transmit data from different node to node. Internet working, error handling covers by this layer, which congestion of data is possible but you have the control.
Layer 2 gives the management the control of transmitting data. It handles error and intercept data that is not belongs to it's path. You can synchronized the flow by the use of MAC – Media Access Control. This gives you idea what computer is using and gaining the Internet access, if using long-distance phone, then you have the control to restrict block their MAC address.
seven layers of OSI model

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