Network Interface Card and its usability in technology sector

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What is Network Interface Card’s (NIC) primary contribution? Can this attach with USB adapter? How to use this in Ethernet connection? Is this used to connect wireless connection? What is Status Indication light? Can I establish Fax machine through the Network Interface Card? What is RJ45 port in Network Interface Card? Thank You

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Network Interface Card and its usability in technology sector


A Network Interface Card (also called a NIC, Network Interface Controller, Network Adapters or LAN Adapters) is the card that connects the computer to a network.  It provides computers with an out-and-out, full-time link to a network. 

NIC’s are normally incorporated into the motherboard, but if it isn’t, it can be incorporated into a router, printer or a USB device.  The most extensive use for a network connection is in an Ethernet connection.  This Ethernet network controller has a socket to where the network cable is connected to. It uses a standard interface known as a RJ45 connector that gets connected to the router at one end, and into the Ethernet connection of the PC at the other end.

Picture of an Ethernet cable that uses an RJ45 connector

There are small little LED lights that are built into the connection.  The purpose of these lights is to show that there is an active connection present and whether or not data is being transferred.

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