How to extract piano from midi?

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Hello experts,

How to extract piano from midi? Is there a way to this kind of process and how can it be done? Just suggest or give your ways on the step by step process to make this all possible for me. I know there are some ways to get this done but I want the safest method.

Thank you.

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How to extract piano from midi?



You can remove the piano from MIDI file songs by following these steps.

  1. Download a MIDI sequencing program,
  2. Open your sequencing software and select your MIDI file.
  3. Locate your piano tracks.
  4. Remove the piano
  5. Then save your file.

To understand further, please follow the detailed instruction from ehow site.

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How to extract piano from midi?


1. If you have no MIDI sequencing program first download and install it.

2. Go to the MIDI sequencing program and click file  >> Open. For your kind information it is a multi-track recording program. You have to create a new project and drag your midi file into a project window. The MIDI tracks will appear in your screen in the horizontal bar. It will indicate you different layer.

3. Select the piano track. There are two button name Mute and Solo sometime it may appear just letter M or S and sometime just two colour. Select solo button and then click Play to listen your selected tracks. Listen it until your piano sound found. Sometimes piano words may appear in the track.

4. Remove the piano

5. Save your file.

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